(Short Experimental Film)
Directed by Gemma Eva and Maria Hausmann
Produced by Gemma Eva and Maria Hausmann
Director of Photography: Calum Hotchkiss

Experimental Fashion Film 

“Concealed,” tells the story of a young girl’s descent into a world of beauty, fashion, and digital media. Blinded by lights and glamour, she must find her way before the darkness consumes her.

The Glory of Gracie-May
(Short Film)
Directed, Produced and Written by Gemma Eva
Director of Photography: Calum Hotchkiss

Drama, Western

Father and son ranchers take in Gracie-May, a meek orphan, to look after their kidnapped hostage.

Production Stage
Completed for Windsor International Film Festival's Mark Bascariol 48-Hour FlickFest

Screenings and Awards
WIFF's Mark Bascariol 48-Hour FlickFest:
- Best of FlickFest: “The Glory of Gracie-May”
- Best Directing: Gemma Eva
- Best Cinematography: Calum Hotchkiss
- Best Performance: Maria Hausmann, David Sivak, Martin Ouellette, Madelena Brancatella, Tori Rogers
- Best Screenplay (Writing): Gemma Eva
- Best Music and Sound Mixing: Will Rogers, Peter Marval 
- Best Editing: Armend Bajrami
From Napoli, With Love
Luca lives for pizza. In an attempt to create a documentary about the cultural exchange between Neapolitan and Windsor pizza, the Covid-19 pandemic diminishes any hopes of flying to Italy and exploring his cultural background. With an infinite amount of free time, (and a hunger for pizza), Luca and his twin sister, Gemma, aim to save the documentary. The twins talk to local F&B owners in Windsor to learn how they are coping during the pandemic, all while discovering what makes a love of pizza so special for two Italian-Canadian foodies: their Nonna.
Film Festivals
Gulf of Naples Independent Film Festival (2023)
Oregon Short Film Festival (2023)
Freep Film Festival (2023)
Windsor International Film Festival (2022)
Awards and Nominations 
Best Documentary Short - Gulf of Naples Independent Film Festival 
Nomination: Best Documentary Short - Oregon Short Film Festival

(Short Film)
Written, Produced and Directed by Gemma Eva
Director of Photography: Calum Hotchkiss

Romantic Comedy

An aspiring actress, nervous about her audition, gets entranced into an impromptu audition rehearsal with a confident stranger.

Production Stage


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