Gemma Eva is a filmmaker and theatre artist from Windsor, Ontario. She started her artistic journey acting on stage as a child and began writing, producing, and directing plays in her community as a teenager. To further her creative passion, Gemma pursued a career in filmmaking, specializing in producing, production coordination, directing, and writing. Gemma earned her MFA in Film and Media Arts at the University of Windsor’s School of Creative Arts in 2021 and is currently working as a post-production producer in Toronto. Despite living in Toronto, Gemma is devoted to helping the growth of Windsor-Essex's emerging film industry.
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Luca Cunial is a cinematographer, camera assistant, and editor from Windsor, Ontario. He started his filmmaking career as a high school junior.
His recent credits include Band Together (2020, CBC documentary short, cinematographer), Rough Love (2019, short film, cinematographer), Boys vs Girls (2019, feature film, camera assistant), and Full Meta Racket (2018, short film, cinematographer, co-editor)
He attended the University of Windsor and received a bachelors degree in Communication, Media, and Film in 2019, and is currently pursuing an MFA in Film and Media Arts. He enjoys cinematography and editing on any given production.

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Calum's love for filmmaking stemmed from his childhood hobby of nature photography. Growing up he had always been an avid movie watcher, but it wasn't until his first media arts class in high school that he discovered his true passion for cinematic arts. Calum recently completed his MFA in Film and Media Arts at the University of Windsor’s School of Creative Arts, studying sensorialism in film with respect to feelings of cultural dissonance and generational divide. Calum's passion resides in cinematography, directing, and editing.
Calum's recent projects include CBC's ​Land and Sea: Therapeutic Riding​ (2018, documentary TV, cinematographer), ​Rabbit and the Snare​ (2019, short film, co-director/cinematographer), Care Work Is Essential Work. It's Also Climate Work,​ featuring Naomi Klein and directed by Nick Hector (2020, short documentary, assistant editor), ​Corporate Rent Strike! produced by The Leap (2020, short documentary, editor). 
Calum earned his MFA in Film and Media Arts at the University of Windsor in 2021.


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